Individual Coaching Program

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Attention, side hustlers: Wanting to leave your job isn’t enough.

Wanting to grow your business isn’t a strategy.

“It would be so great if...” isn’t a plan.

I want you to grow your side hustle so you can leave your soul sucking job and make even more money doing what you love.

This is the formula that I used to leave my full-time government job. This is not only the specific strategy that I used to grow my business but it’s also how to work through the fear of leaving a high paying job with great benefits (and how to respond to all the people that looked at me sideways...).

I want you to do what you love.


Decide that you won’t settle anymore. Decide that you’re committing to bringing your side hustle into a full-time dream business.

Let’s talk about how to do that.

If you want to grow your business + leave your job, keep reading….

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30 Days to Kickstart Your Freedom

This 30 day individual coaching program will help you to create:

  • A clear, individualized target to hit before leaving your job (financial or client related), so you feel confident, prepared, and ready to go

  • An individualized plan to grow your business so you can hit your goal - without stress and without burning yourself out

  • An opportunity to work though the fears that hold you back from taking action (Trust me, they will come up and keep you stuck!)


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Move out of uncertainty

It’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to feel ready to leave your job when you’re in the PRECARIOUS STAGE.

The precarious stage is when you’re teetering on the brink of success. It’s when you’re worried that if one client pulls out, you won’t be able to pay your bills if you relied on your business to support yourself. You feel like your sales calls and referrals are inconsistent, so you feel INTENSE pressure to close every call. It feels like your success could go up in a puff of smoke at any moment.

You want a stable foundation before you leave your job.

It is REALLY HARD to leave your job when you’re in the precarious stage.

Let’s work together to create a GROWTH in your business, so you feel 100% ready to take the leap out of your job.


 Hi I’m Alyssa!

I’m a psychologist & board certified coach. I empower entrepreneurs to grow their side hustle so they can leave their soul sucking job and make even more money doing what they love.

I’ve always known that I was wired a little differently. I didn’t like working for anyone. I didn’t like the structure of a 9-5. I felt continually frustrated, felt like my creativity was being smushed, and I just felt like I was a square peg in a round hole. I’ve always wanted to work for myself, but I fell into a career where I checked all the boxes but just never felt like it was “right” for me.

I created my coaching business to FINALLY follow my dream. But, it felt stalled.

I wanted SO BADLY to grow my business so that I could leave my job & do what I was passionate about. But, things felt like they were taking FOREVER to grow. I’m not a big risk taker so I felt like I couldn’t leave until I was REALLY READY - I’m cautious, I plan, and I NEEDED to have a clear strategy to grow my business.

I DECIDED that it was time to blow up my business, so I could leave with confidence.

I created a plan to get visible, get clients, and amplify my sales.

I took action. AND IT WORKED.

But even after I hit my target, I STILL struggled to leave…..all my fears, doubts, worries popped up.

I had to work through all of the mental clutter that was keeping me stuck before I could confidently leave. I was FINALLY able to confidently leave when I did both - hit my financial goals & worked through the fear that was keeping me stuck in the security of a full-time job. I know you can do the same. I’m here to help you grow your business, so you can FINALLY walk out of your full-time job….for good.

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 Here’s what we’ll do in 30 Days to Kickstart Your Freedom


  • Identify your unique strengths and how you can apply them to your business plan

  • Get laser clear on your SPECIFIC goals for the next 30 days (e.g., sign 3 new clients, earn 6K, create a 6 month plan for business growth)

  • Create a plan for how you’ll engage in self-care during the next 30 days - you NEED to be at your best, so you need to eat, sleep, and take good care of yourself

Lesson 2 - Growth Plan

  • Design financial goals, so you can HIT your targets

  • Decide if you want to grow your business online, in-person, or both

  • Get clarity on what needs to happen BEFORE you leave your job

Lesson 4: Change of Identity

  • Shift your identity from employee to entrepreneur

  • Create a plan to network + build strong business relationships

  • Fiercely protect your time + energy because YOU are in charge of your business

Lesson 1 - Commitment

  • Create an unequivocal commitment to grow your business + leave your job

  • Engage in visualizations and manifestation tips & tricks to jumpstart your growth

  • Create YOUR definition of success, so we can know when we’re hitting your target

Lesson 3 - Fears, Doubts, Worry, Etc

  • Identify your unique fears + how to push past them

  • Get clear on when you’re slipping into people pleasing and following someone else’s expectations of what you “should” or “shouldn’t” be doing

  • Crushing self-doubt & building unshakable confidence, so you don’t question if you have what it takes to be a full-time entrepreneur

  • Stop procrastinating, move through perfectionism, and step into CONSISTENT action

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4, 30 minute individual coaching sessions

We’ll meet for 4, 30 minute individual coaching sessions to help you grow your unique business & work through the fears that hold you back from taking action. Coaching sessions will be offered through video calls!

Video Lessons

You’ll receive immediate access to 4 video lessons that teach you a clear strategy to grow your business, a plan to work through the fears and doubts that keep you stuck, and a path to change your identity from 9-5 employee to entrepreneur.

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I came to Alyssa at a crossroads in my career, not certain of my next move or if I even had the confidence to make one. Alyssa was quickly able to help me sort through my own hesitations and mental road blocks with her perceptive questions and warm demeanor. She instantly met me exactly where I was and it was evident she comes to her work with a strong intuition. She is truly caring and invested in your progress, but she is also not afraid to ask you the tough questions so you are moving forward. She has a wealth of education and experience herself and this clearly comes through in her skills, all while maintaining a genuine, caring approach. She just knows the questions to ask that you aren’t asking yourself or perhaps aren’t answering to yourself with honesty. She has a nice way of balancing practical tools and tips with process and motivation. My work with Alyssa has allowed me to move to the next phase in building my business and I credit her with giving me the confidence to take that plunge! — Caryn S., Philadelphia, PA

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