30 DAYS TO Crush Your Sales Calls Without Feeling Icky

Sales Call Coaching Program

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 Selling Your Services can be easy

It doesn’t have to be hard or icky to sell your services.

Somehow, we got the idea that selling is bad or manipulative.

Sure, some people use unhelpful tactics to sell. But, sales can be done with INTEGRITY, KINDNESS, and EASE.

Consider this….you offer a service that people need. You solve a problem for people. Someone out there needs EXACTLY what you offer. You’re filling a need that someone has. There’s someone out there that would love to pay you to help solve their problem.

So, let’s show UP for that person.

Let’s share what you do and how you do it.

Let’s be sure that you’re SELLING your services to the RIGHT person - the person who can’t wait to pay you and NEEDS your help.

I want you to feel COMFORTABLE & CONFIDENT every time you get on a sales call.

If you want that, keep reading…..

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30 Days to Crush Your Sales Calls Without Feeling Icky

This coaching program will help you:

  • NAIL your sales calls + handle any hesitations that pop up with grace and ease

  • Determine without doubt who is right to work with and who is not

  • How to close the sales with the RIGHT clients

  • How to extract yourself gracefully if you’re not a fit

  • Create a CLEAR + CONCISE pitch that you say with ease

  • Feel truly CONFIDENT + COMFORTABLE pitching your services

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Hello! I’m Dr. Alyssa Adams

I’m a clinical psychologist & business coach. I help coaches and therapists to grow their practices so they can create profit while living their purpose. I firmly believe that we can make money doing what we love - that we don’t have to settle. I believe that we can show up unapologetically as ourselves, STOP holding ourselves back, and create professional freedom.

One of the ways the most IMPORTANT ways to grow your business is to close sales with the RIGHT CLIENTS. Imagine how things would be different for you if you closed just 1-2 more sales calls per month - what about 3-4 more?! That would be so impactful for your business.

I can help you do just that.

What’s Covered?

 Sales Call Video Training

A 60-minute video training that walks you through EXACTLY what to do on your sales calls, how to handle objections at each stage, how to assess READINESS to change (accurately!), how to gracefully extract yourself if you’re not a fit, and how to pitch your offer CONFIDENTLY.

Coaching call

30 minute coaching call to troubleshoot any sales call sticking points as you practice the new strategy. We’ll dive into any objections that are hard for you to handle + we’ll NAIL your pitch so that it’s clear, concise, and confident.

Practice Sales Call

You & I will do a practice sales call! So fun. You’ll sell your services to me, and I’ll be the client. I’ll give you SPECIFIC feedback on my sales process + actionable strategies to improve your calls. We’ll work through ANYTHING that holds you back from crushing every call.

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 I was in therapy before and although it was useful, I didn’t find it truly transformative. When working with Alyssa, even from the initial session, she helped me to see the strengths in my character and how to apply them to my career. She also helped me pinpoint my true desires and what I can do to make them work for me in the professional world. Through her questions, I was able to understand what I wanted in an existing relationship and my responsibility in it. I truly feel that I’m changing as a professional woman, as well as a woman in a relationship with a man. This was achieved in just a couple of months of working with Alyssa. Her style is supportive, thought-provoking and results-driven. Thank you for the help. I’m very glad that I signed up for the coaching and I look forward to more sessions. 

— Alona P, New York

Working with Alyssa has opened my heart to myself. Her gentle guidance and empathic coaching style taught me that I am in control of my energy. I have finally given myself permission to create and implement healthy boundaries with love and strength.

— Tara J., Georgia

I came to Alyssa at a crossroads in my career, not certain of my next move or if I even had the confidence to make one. Alyssa was quickly able to help me sort through my own hesitations and mental road blocks with her perceptive questions and warm demeanor. She instantly met me exactly where I was and it was evident she comes to her work with a strong intuition. She is truly caring and invested in your progress, but she is also not afraid to ask you the tough questions so you are moving forward. She has a wealth of education and experience herself and this clearly comes through in her skills, all while maintaining a genuine, caring approach. She just knows the questions to ask that you aren't asking yourself or perhaps aren't answering to yourself with honesty. She has a nice way of balancing practical tools and tips with process and motivation. My work with Alyssa has allowed me to move to the next phase in building my business and I credit her with giving me the confidence to take that plunge!

— Caryn S, Pennsylvania

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 There is no time to waste!

Commit to changing your sales calls - for good.