New Year's Resolutions for Introverts

New Year's Resolutions for Introverts


Setting goals for the new year? I like to think of smart goal setting in two categories -- inner work and outer work.

"Inner work" resolutions for an introvert might involve appreciating their introverted nature and creating time for introspection. For example, introverts might want to create effective goal setting strategies for the year that involve making a list of books they'd love to read, deciding what interesting subjects they'd love to learn more about, engaging in a solo sport or activity, or learning more about themselves by working with a therapist or coach.

"Outer work" resolutions might focus on stretching a little outside of their comfort zone while still embracing themselves as an introvert. For example, introverts might want to plan time to meet up with a friend that they haven't seen in a while to catch up or attend a lecture and chat with someone else who attended. These goals can focus on meeting new people and exercising their "socializing muscle" but doing so in a way that presents a healthy challenge. Another resolution might involve setting boundaries with others, such as stating that you'll attend a party, but that you'll stay for an hour or so and then return home. Is there such a thing as networking made easy for the introvert? If you attend professional networking events, it can be helpful to plan to attend networking events when you have an otherwise quiet week, so that you can balance meeting new people but not overwhelming yourself with social engagements. A good set of tips for networking successfully for introverts is to plan to attend an event and set limits, such as only staying for an hour, leaving after you meet five new people, and taking frequent breaks while talking. Since introverts tend to prefer talking with people individually vs. in large groups, invite a person you met at a networking event to grab coffee and chat one one one. 

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