4 reasons to work with a coach to improve your relationships


Alright, friends. Let's get intimate.


Relationships affect pretty much everything in our world.

You've likely been in a few romantic relationships. Maybe you've been in a lot of romantic relationships.  Hopefully, you're learning more and more about who you are in relationships, what you want in a partner, and what is the most important "glue" that keeps things connected for you.

We can sometimes feel stuck repeating the same patterns OVER and OVER and OVER again. Why am I always dating the same type of guy/woman who is WRONG for me? Why can't I ask for what I need in a relationship? Why does dating bring up all of these worries, inner nasty voice (you know the inner critic that I'm talking about....), and stress? Is there such a thing as keys to a healthy relationship? How do I make a bad relationship work?

There is often a lot of STUFF (that is the technical term) that needs to be worked through in order to dig deeper into what is holding you back from creating a relationship of joy, ease, and purpose. Maybe you're still impacted by recurring issues from past relationships or have emotional intimacy issues. Maybe you have some strong beliefs about relationships that are NOT serving you? Maybe your family and friends are putting pressure on you to be in a type of relationship that is NOT RIGHT FOR YOU?

Here are four common reasons to work with a personal coach to improve your relationships:

1.) You want to be in a healthy, fulfilling relationship, but you are not.

This is a big one! Maybe you're actively dating or maybe not? You know you need to do some inner work to show up as the best version of yourself in a relationship. You want to break relationship patterns that keep you stuck dating the wrong person again and again. You want to examine your beliefs about relationships. You want to learn to trust your intuition, feel empowered, behave confidently, communicate clearly, set boundaries, and ASK FOR WHAT YOU NEED. You want to set clear goals, release your relationship trust issues, and take steps to get you closer to your goals. You may want support as you're dating. You want to process your dates, figure out how to approach the next steps in a relationship, and figure out how to confidently put yourself out there. Dating can be fun and exciting and does not have to be a CHORE or a negative experience. Yes, not all of your dates will be amazing. That's fine. It's the process that is the work.

2.) You're in a relationship and you're not sure if it's right for you.

This is pretty important too. Are you in a relationship with a partner but you're not sure if the person is right for you? Maybe there are some behaviors that worry you about being with this person long term? Does he/she bring out the best in you? Maybe there are some red flags or relationship struggles you're ignoring? Maybe you're not listening to your inner voice that KNOWS what you need to do? Or maybe the relationship is healthy and you're not feeling quite ready for that? Maybe you've confused drama for passion? Maybe you feel bored but aren't sure why? You want a clear cut guide on growing and developing healthy relationships. When you work with a relationship coach, you can dig into your beliefs about relationships, relationship patterns that aren't serving you, and figure out why the relationship feels off. Maybe you stay together or maybe not, but the inner work needs to be done to determine what you want, need, and how to be SURE what you're deciding is right for YOU.

3.) You want to improve the relationship you're in.

You're in a relationship and looking for relationship solutions. You want to do some inner work to make sure that the relationship is healthy. Perhaps you are questioning how to fix my marriage? Maybe you're with an amazing partner and you want to be sure that you've worked through all of the STUFF that could hold you back in the partnership? Maybe the relationship is rocky or unresolved issues in relationship and you want to do inner work to improve yourself as you navigate fixing the flaws in a relationship as a couple? Maybe you want to work with a coach as a couple? There is always inner work to be done. We need to continually be working on ourselves AND in our relationship to evolve and connect more deeply.

4.) You're grieving the loss of a relationship and you want to get your life back on track.

This is a big one! This is a common reason for working with a life coach. You're healing from an intense and emotional ending of a relationship. You're working through the grief and loss of the relationship ending, you're processing a lot of emotions, you're wanting to do the inner work to evolve as a result of this ending, and you want to take what you've learned and move into the next relationship as the best version of yourself. You want to accept loss of a relationship. This is a great time to dig deep and do some inner work! This is the perfect time to examine your beliefs about relationships, patterns, and anything that hold you back from creating a relationship and life of your dreams. This is also a great time to set clear goals for your life - to map out what you actually want. Use this as an opportunity to take ownership of your life!

Do any of these reasons sound like you?! Let's hop on a free clarity call to figure out what you need to create relationships of joy, ease, and purpose.

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