The high achiever as an entrepreneur - pros and cons!

Check out some of my thoughts on the pros and cons of being a high achiever turned entrepreneur.

Here’s an excerpt from the post on Growth Lab here:

“As an entrepreneur, there is frequent failure, constant tweaking, endless strategizing, and regular bumps along the road that naturally come with building a business,” says Alyssa Adams, a clinical psychologist and executive coach.

To combat the threat of too-high expectations, Adams recommends building resiliency and addressing your fears and doubts that creep in when success doesn’t come quickly enough. “It will be absolutely necessary for the [high achievers] to manage this inner critic so they can keep the momentum in their business,” she adds.

For me, building resiliency meant using editor feedback to fuel my improvement instead of taking it personally. And addressing fears often included reminding myself of the progress I had already made and the positive feedback I had received.

“Overachievers rarely take time to appreciate and celebrate their current successes,” says Adams. “They tend to pass right by the present moment since they’re often forward focused and onto the next thing.”

But that tendency, which I’m ashamed to admit I have in spades, can throw off your balance and make building a business even more of an uphill climb. 

The first month I earned $10,000 freelancing while still working full time, I bought myself an Apple Watch to celebrate. But it wasn’t until months later that I realized what the milestone meant — I could really quit my job to focus solely on my business. If I had taken the time to think about it when it happened, I could have started the wheels turning sooner to get to that point.

To address this issue, Adams recommends taking time to give more attention to your important relationships. After all, your loved ones are the people who will give you the most support and keep you sane as you ride the rollercoaster.

And if you experience a big or small win, take a step back and enjoy it. You don’t need to take a week off or go on vacation. But taking a little time to savor your successes can help keep you grounded.

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