5 Ways to Increase Intuition


There are so many strategies to increase your intuition! There are a ton of strategies that I've encountered, but I'll review the five strategies that will increase your intuition power that have been the most helpful for me.

So, let's talk a little about intuition. What do I mean when I say "intuition?" Well, I'm really talking about that experience of "inner knowing" or a sense that you may get or a "gut feeling" about a person, a place, or an event. It's really about acknowledging and acting on a FEELING and not leading with your head.

I believe intuition is a great tool to help you make decisions. Should I take this new job? Should I follow my passion to create a business? Is today the day that I have a difficult conversation with my boss? Which of the two great candidates I just interviewed would be best for this role? Your intuition can be a guide when you aren’t sure what to decide and you feel that you can’t “get out of your head.” Allow your intuition to give you clues about how to proceed.

Okay, here are five ways that may help you tap into your intuition.

1.) Acknowledge that you are intuitive.

Easy, right? This is the idea of just acknowledging that you are an intuitive being - we all are. Intuition is a skill that you may choose to cultivate - just like any other skill. We all may have the potential to run a 5K race, to do a push up, to ballroom dance, or to paint a picture. It's more about having the desire and commitment to refine your skill. The same is true for intuition. The first step is acknowledging that you are intuitive. We all are. Yes, some of us are more naturally intuitive, of course. But, we can all still develop intuitive abilities.

2.) Engage in meditation and/or moments of silence.

It's hard to experience a gut feeling or a sense of knowing if there is chatter in your mind or in your world all the time. Imagine you wake up to music, immediately turn on the television, talk with people all day at work, watch television when you get home, scroll through social media, and then go to sleep. What moments in the day are quiet? When is your mind quiet? No wonder it's hard to connect with you intuition - your inner guidance - your inner sensation, feeling, or voice. It's really important to cultivate silence at some point throughout your day. It helps you tune into your body, your mind, and the present moment. This quiet time will help develop and strengthen your intuition. You may also choose to meditate on a particular situation and, in the silence, you may get a sensation or a feeling as to what you need to do or how you may want to react.

3.) Experiment.

I love this one! Act on your gut feelings and notice what happens. You may even want to keep a confirmation journal where you document your gut feelings or intuition, when you've acted on it, and what happened! Start to pay attention to your gut feelings when you meet someone new, about the weather, what color your boss might be wearing, will someone pick up the phone or not when you're calling, or which line at the grocery store might move the fastest. This is a fun and easy way to start to pay attention to your gut feelings.

4.) Pay attention to your body.

Notice the sensations or reactions in your body when you meet someone new, consider taking on a new project, or have dinner with multiple people. Does your stomach feel tight? Do you feel tired? Does the new project feel "light" or "heavy?" What is your initial reaction when presented with these situations? What are you FEELING in your body? Often, we tend to ignore our bodily sensations, but our body gives us LOTS of information about a situation or scenario. Listen to it. Don't talk yourself out of your initial, gut reaction.

5.) Journal or engage in something creative.

Try journaling. You can journal about something specific or you can just write whatever comes up for you. Use your intuition as a guide. What is feeling most powerful at this time? What might be helpful for you to address right now? What needs attention today? Really allow yourself to focus on journaling and take some time to allow your ideas to flow out of you - don't censor or edit your thoughts. Just write and see what comes up. If journaling isn't for you, then try engaging in other creative pursuits. Maybe try painting, drawing, dancing, or taking a walk in nature - these can all help us connect to your intuition.

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