Busyness Detox for Female Entrepreneurs: 21 Days to Freedom

Day 1: Three questions to ask yourself BEFORE you say yes to anything!

Day 2: Tackling your business to-do List

DAy 3: Busyness as Fear and Avoidance

Day 4: LEarning to tolerate stillness & free time

Day 5: Unhooking from people pleasing

Day 6: The power of affirmations

DAy 7: Catch up on videos day!

Day 8: The reason behind the reason of being busy

Day 9: Three ways to enjoy life even with a long to-do list

Day 10: Three steps to detox your calendar

Day 11: Three steps to detox from mental clutter

Day 12: Three steps to shift our of guilt

Day 13: What will you say no to — today, this week, this month?

Day 14: Catch up day!

Day 15: Five signs you’re burned out and overwhelmed

Day 16: Good busy vs. bad busy

Day 17: Three ways to stop overwhelm now

Day 18: What do you actually need to fuel your mind, body, and spirit?

Day 19: Three unique stress management tools

Day 20: Three basics to focus on when you’re burned out

Day 21: Finding peace and stillness