Are you struggling with constant digestive symptoms that are RULING your life? Are you overwhelmed by all of the different information on gut healing diets?

I get it. 

Are you spending HOURS cooking or trying to figure out what the heck you can eat that won't give you digestive symptoms? Are you desperately trying to figure out WHY you're still having symptoms? Have you tried a gut healing diet without much improvement? You're frustrated, overwhelmed, exhausted, and feel like crap. You don't see a way out of this cycle.

I was there.

You DO NOT have to continue to suffer. I've compiled reasons WHY gut healing protocols fail - and what is NECESSARY for them to succeed. I WISH I had this information when I started and then stopped MULTIPLE gut healing diets....and what FINALLY worked for me.

You can heal. 

5 Week Gut Check Program

A group program where you overhaul your lifestyle to improve your gut health

5 Week Gut Check is a group program dedicated to helping people learn the reasons WHY gut healing diets fail and HOW to address the non-food things that can get in the way of healing....and we'll address what you NEED to be doing to improve compliance with the diet, to address all of the non-food things that can DERAIL you health goals - like stress, mindset, emotional reactions, meal planning, lack of support, etc. We'll come up with a PLAN that will make your gut healing diet easier to implement - and we'll develop a plan to address the non-food issues that can MAKE or BREAK your gut healing.

Why me?


I'm Alyssa Adams, and I'm a clinical psychologist and nutritionist.

I’ve always been fascinated by the factors that make someone change and sustain health behaviors - I've studied this for most of my professional career. I’m honest, caring, straightforward, and will not sugar coat the work that you need to do to get well.


I've struggled with gut health my entire life....flash forward to my late 20s when I was hospitalized for over a week (twice) and had extremely low and erratic blood pressure, couldn’t sit up or stand up without passing out, low blood sugar, significant gut issues, several nutrient deficiencies, extreme fatigue, etc. I was given all kinds of crazy and scary diagnoses – the worst of which involved my autonomic nervous system shutting down with an estimated 3-5 years to live (I was told this at 27 while in the hospital). I refused to give up on my health, and I read everything I could find, I found provider after provider until I settled on a good care team. I radically changed my diet and lifestyle. I fought tirelessly for my health. Now, several years later, I can work out daily, stand up as long as I want, have lots of energy, my gut is in MUCH better shape, and I’m no longer limited by my health issues.

I healed me.

So, I STRONGLY believe that we can heal ourselves, and we can make lifestyle changes to improve whatever chronic health issue is holding us back. I wish I had someone to work with during this time who could guide me, help me find the right information (like the connection between diet, gut health, stress, and just about every other symptom I had), and support me through this painful time. I will be in the fight with you, and I will devote my efforts to people who are in the fight for themselves and who will tirelessly pursue health. I strongly believe in the power of mind-body medicine, using food (and eliminating food) to heal, having the right mindset, and cleaning up the stress in your life – it can transform your life. I know it can because it transformed my life. I am living proof. 

What's possible for you!

Imagine 5 weeks from now....

  • You've identified why you're STUCK, created momentum to address the frustration and exhaustion that come with avoiding the dietary and emotional changes that you need to make, and how you can push forward to change your ACTIONS and your THOUGHTS

  • You've developed A PLAN to make your gut healing diet easier

  • You feel COMMITTED and PASSIONATE about making lifestyle changes in support of your health

  • You've started a MIND-BODY practice as part of your healing program

  • You're sleeping better, feeling less stressed, having more energy

  • You feel in CONTROL of your health and not at the mercy of it

  • You've identified your WHY and have developed a healing MINDSET

  • You feel COMFORTABLE and CONFIDENT in tackling your gut healing program

  • You've begun to address the non-food factors that will MAKE or BREAK your healing

How it works...

The program starts Monday, June 26th.

Upon registering, you'll receive an email describing the program. We'll focus on the following topics that are NECESSARY for healing:

  • Outlining 8 SPECIFIC reasons why gut healing programs fail

  • Identifying where you're healing has stalled and how you can change the momentum

  • Addressing each of the eight areas in a simple, focused process

  • Completing weekly assignments to keep you on track and to individualize the program

  • Learning about the NON-FOOD LIFESTYLE CHANGE that are critical for success

  • Developing a PLAN to start tackling the areas of your life that are holding you back from healing....hint: think stress management, relationships, limiting beliefs, readiness for change, and more

What's included....

  • 5 weekly recorded presentations that you can watch any time you want

  • A weekly homework assignment to keep you focused on our topics and on creating a plan for change

  • Access to a closed, private Facebook group to discuss the weekly topic and weekly assignment

  • 5 group coaching calls to address the weekly topic followed by Q&A

  • Access to me in the closed Facebook group and on the coaching calls to ask questions as you work through the assignments

Your investment


Sign up by June 18th at midnight EDT and receive:

  • An easy to follow, 10 step downloadable guide to developing your quick and dirty "elevator speech"about your health issues. I know we ALWAYS get asked about dietary restrictions, food sensitivities or foods we're eliminating, or "what happens" when we eat a certain food....I've found that it's helpful to have a go-to quick speech that I can use in any situation - with friends, with work colleagues, or with medical providers, so you can communicate clearly, quickly, and in a way that is comfortable for you!

  • A seven day FODMAPs diet meal plan! This will contain a list of simple meal ideas for those of you following the FODMAPs dietary approach.

Ready? Let's do this!

Questions? Not sure if this is right for you?

Email me at to book a time to chat!