Individual Coaching


I'm Dr. Alyssa Adams, and I'm a Psychologist, Nutritionist, Holistic Wellness & Intuitive Life Coach.

I help women do the inner work to create the lives they want. I specialize in working with women who want to develop their intuition to create a meaningful, fulfilling, and intentionally designed life. I help women cope with a significant life transition or life event, find meaning and purpose in life, develop intuition, set clear goals, create habits that foster inner peace and happiness, manage stress, understand the energetic system and how it impacts mood and beliefs, address limiting beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you, and create a holistic living plan. I also specialize work with women who identify as "empaths" or highly sensitive people - women who absorb the energy around them as well as the emotional and physical symptoms of others in their environment. 

We will use a mind-body-spirit approach to set clear, unequivocal goals, to address the limiting beliefs that can keep us stuck, and to create strategies to move us toward our goal. I love helping women feel connected to their purpose in life, to feel empowered to advocate for themselves, and to intentionally design healthy and happy lives. I use a variety of different approaches to help you meet your life goals, such as emotional freedom techniques ("tapping") to address limiting beliefs and patterns that are no longer helpful, specific and clear goal setting, journaling to explore various aspects of your emotions and beliefs in between coaching sessions, positive psychology exercises (like developing a gratitude practice, cultivating optimism and resiliency), fostering intuition for getting in touch with what you REALLY want and how to use your intuition as a resource, and using visualizations and meditations. We'll also work on identifying what is yours vs. what is not and how to SET and ENFORCE clear boundaries. We'll discuss how the energetic system is affected by previous life events and how healing your energetic system can propel you toward your goals. We'll create a daily routine that helps you stick with your goals and we'll ensure that your goals are aligned with your values.



Who do I help


Are you a particularly empathic person or identity as an "empath?" Do you describe yourself as "picking up the energy of others" or being about to feel the vibe in a room? Do you experience health issues or exhaustion that may be impacted by your naturally empathic nature? Are you a provider that feels emotionally exhausted from working with clients?

Calling all empaths and highly sensitive people! Let's work together to learn ways to protect your energy, set clear goals, develop boundaries, engage in regular self-care, learn "what is yours and what is not yours," and ways to navigate this world as an empath while remaining vibrant, confident, and authentic. 

life transition

Are you coping with a significant life event, such as marriage, divorce, moving to a new place, new job, relationship ending? Are you trying to make sense out of things and how it fits into the next chapter of your life? 

We'll work together to explore how this event fits into the deep purpose of your life. We'll focus on connecting with our intuition, setting clear goals to create what you want for your life, finding meaning in challenging times, improving self-care, and allowing this experience to spark growth and change.

Stress and Mood

Are you dealing with daily stressors that feel overwhelming? Are you dealing with BIG life stressors? Are you feeling irritable, sad, nervous, overwhelmed, worried, lonely??

I use a holistic approach to stress management. We’ll learn ways to manage stress by using a mind-body-spirit approach.  We’ll set clear goals for your life, use meditation and mindfulness practices, improve self-care, learn ways to manage stress, foster intuition, and use EFT to address negative self-talk and limiting beliefs to get you on a path to feeling peaceful during the chaos of life.

Fulfillment with life

Are you feeling unfulfilled with life? Do you feel like you know there is more to life that what is going on for you right now?

We’ll dive into exploring how to find meaning and purpose in your life and how to get you back on course. We’ll explore ways to increase intuition, set clear goals, find a sense of meaning and purpose, and create a plan for improving all aspects of your life.


Are you coping with ongoing uncertainty and worry about the possibility of a cancer recurrence, exposure to a food allergen, unpredictable GI issues, or an autoimmune flare? Have you been diagnosed with a chronic illness? Are you struggling to cope with this diagnosis and the “new normal” that comes with it? Are you a parent, spouse, or family member of someone coping with a new diagnosis?

Let's work together to reduce the worry and stress that can accompany the uncertainty associated with these conditions. We'll learn ways to reduce worry and cultivate peace during uncertainty and unpredictability by using a holistic (mind, body, spirit) approach to wellness. We'll set clear goals for the next chapter of your life and help you vibrantly move into the next stage of your life.


What to expect?

20 minute FREE consultation:

We'll chat about the goals that you have, and I'll describe my thoughts on a plan for support and my approach to coaching! You're welcome to ask any questions you might have, and you can take some time to decide if we're a good fit to work together. Book this appointment using the form below.

coaching Packages:

If you want to....

  • cope with a significant life transition or life event

  • find meaning and purpose in your life

  • develop your intuition and learn how it can guide your life

  • set clear, achievable goals

  • create habits that foster inner peace and happiness

  • manage stress

  • use emotional freedom techniques (EFT) to address any beliefs or emotions that are holding you back

  • understand the energetic system and how it impacts beliefs and your ability to thrive

  • address limiting beliefs and patterns that are no longer helpful

  • explore your values and design a life that is in alignment with your values and priorities

  • foster resiliency

  • create a holistic living plan

.....then let's talk and get you on the path for success! Book a free, 20 minute consultation so we can decide if we're a good fit to work together.

I'll send you a questionnaire before our initial session that will ask you some questions about various topics that may be impacting your fulfillment with life. We'll review the questionnaire during our first session, and I'll ask more in-depth questions to better understand your journey. We'll develop a plan TOGETHER - in collaboration - regarding what changes you'd like to start with and what you feel would be the best place to start. You'll have assignments in between sessions in order to support the work that we're doing together. I use a variety of different strategies - we might use emotional freedom techniques ("tapping"), meditation, visualizations, affirmations, positive psychology exercises (like creating a gratitude practice), strategies to change negative self-talk, limiting beliefs, and thinking patterns. Please feel free to ask any questions by emailing me at

Coaching packages are 4 months in duration and include 3 individual sessions with Dr. Adams per month.

Investment is $500 per month - Please inquire about payment plans.

If you think this sounds good, let's hop on a free, 20-minute call to discuss my approach to coaching and figure out if we sound like a good fit!


*Coaching services with Dr. Adams are for those seeking education, motivation, assistance, and accountability for achieving life goals. Dr. Adams does not provide online mental health treatment, therapy, or diagnosis.*