Individual Coaching: Leadership Intensive

SPArk your team’s genius and be exceptional together

You’ve recently been promoted into a leadership position - congratulations! You’re in this role because you were really good at what you did previously - you’re a subject matter expert, you’re a high achiever, and you’re a strong individual contributor. You worked hard and were at the top of your game.

You want to be the best because you’ve always been the best. You want to continue to succeed. You want to make an impact. You’ve already had a lot of professional success and recognition.

Now….the skill set that got you to this position is NOT enough.

Your team might not like you. You know how to motivate yourself but you DON’T KNOW how to motivate a team.

You have a vision but you’re not sure how to achieve that vision.

You’re worried you’re going to look bad. You’re worried you can’t do it. Your self-doubt is creeping in.

You’re used to feeling really capable, but in your new role, you’re experiencing a lot of self-doubt.

You’re struggling to trust yourself to make the right decisions.

You’re overwhelmed and starting to burn out.

The skills that got you to this leadership role are not enough any more for your new leadership role.

You have too many responsibilities and you’re taking on everything yourself.

What you’re doing now is NOT sustainable. You will burn out before you achieve your vision.

If this sounds like you. Welcome.


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Hi, I’m Dr. Alyssa Adams!

I’m a Clinical Psychologist & Personal and Executive Coach

I help new leaders spark their team’s genius so they can be exceptional together. I’m half imagination and half practical.

I’m the head coach and founder of a boutique personal and executive coaching practice in Washington, DC. I work with clients virtually (via phone or video call) and am available to work with clients all over the world.

I collaborate with my clients to create individualized coaching goals and professionally curated resources. I help my clients set clear goals and create tactical steps to achieve these goals. I lean heavily on my training as a psychologist to help individuals develop their personal leadership style, address thinking patterns and belief systems that hinder progress, set and enforce boundaries, and build confidence and self-trust to create and sustain success.

IMAGINE, AT THE END of our work, YOU:

...are speaking and acting assertively (without feeling like a jerk)

….set and achieve your goals with intention

…feel confident in your new role and you know who you are as a leader

…can manage strong emotions at work

…are able to motivate and inspire your team

…help your team to think creatively and foster innovation

….speak and lead authentically

….feel capable, confident, and able to handle ANYTHING that comes your way

…know how to tap into your intuition to make quick decisions

….feel balanced physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually

….have non-negotiables in place to prevent burnout and exhaustion

…set and enforce boundaries in your personal and professional life

…think differently and have the mindset of an empowered leader

….you have a system for making difficult decisions quickly and effortlessly

…are comfortably having difficult conversations with challenging employees

…have a plan to achieve your vision and to make a BIG impact

…are achieving SUCCESS and are being recognized for it

…have an UNWAVERING trust in yourself and your ability to lead, inspire, and achieve


We get results in three, specific areas:

Confidence & Assertiveness

We build unshakable confidence and trust in yourself as a leader in your professional and personal life. We foster assertiveness by gaining clarity on how to ask for what you need, set boundaries, and address the inner voice that critiques everything you do. We crush your self-doubt. We unhook from the need to people-please. We leverage your strengths to fuel your success in your new role.

You feel confident, your trust yourself, and you are assertive.

Leadership Approach & Team Dynamics

We identify who you want to be as a leader and we get down to the strategy of leading, inspiring, and building a cohesive team. We set clear professional goals and create a plan to achieve them - without losing your sanity. We work on developing creativity and innovation on your team. We work together to create a plan for having difficult conversations with challenge employees, to develop a plan to achieve your vision, and to build resilience to feel capable of handling anything that comes your way.

You inspire and motivate your team, you foster healthy team dynamics, and you can handle any bumps along the road to achieving your vision.

Self-Care: Mind, Body, Spirit, Emotion

We create a non-negotiable self-care plan to address mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health. We address burnout head on. We help you maintain inner peace in chaotic work environments. We build resilience and create positivity in the midst of uncertainty.

You are taking great care of yourself. You realize that you are the catalyst to the success of your team. You’re resilience and positive during changing or turbulent times.

INdividual Coaching Package


  • Six months of virtual (by phone or video call) individual coaching

  • Unlimited individual coaching sessions per month (clients generally schedule 45 minute sessions weekly or longer sessions every other week)

  • Unlimited email communication

  • Individualized in-between session assignments

I’m in the business of change. I will hold you accountable for what you really want.

I am committed to the change that you desire.

I work with only 1-2 new clients each month, and I’d love to talk with you.

Do you desire true change and are ready to do what it takes to get there?

Let’s talk.



I've had the pleasure of working with Alyssa and she's a gem! I felt a connection with her right away! She's truly caring, open-minded, smart + talented. She's also very intuitive + has a unique connection to spirit + loves assisting others to connect more deeply with their intuition + inner guidance, so they can use them to create thriving, healthy relationships!

-- The Boulder Psychic, Rachel Claire

Working with Alyssa has opened my heart to myself. Her gentle guidance and empathic coaching style taught me that I am in control of my energy. I have finally given myself permission to create and implement healthy boundaries with love and strength.

— Tara J., Georgia


Alyssa is one of those rare individuals who possesses talent, authenticity, analytics, and intuition combined. Having known Alyssa nearly a decade as both a colleague and dear friend, I don't believe there is a problem she can't solve. Her warmth and sense of humor are infectious and her wisdom is beyond her years. She is a true joy to work with and utterly dedicated to both her clients and her craft. She will inspire and guide you to be the best version of yourself and you'll have a blast along the way!

-- Caryn Seebach, PsyD, Health Psychologist 


I was in therapy before and although it was useful, I didn’t find it truly transformative. When working with Alyssa, even from the initial session, she helped me to see the strengths in my character and how to apply them to my career. She also helped me pinpoint my true desires and what I can do to make them work for me in the professional world. Through her questions, I was able to understand what I wanted in an existing relationship and my responsibility in it. I truly feel that I’m changing as a professional woman, as well as a woman in a relationship with a man. This was achieved in just a couple of months of working with Alyssa. Her style is supportive, thought-provoking and results-driven. Thank you for the help. I’m very glad that I signed up for the coaching and I look forward to more sessions. 

— Alona P, New York, NY