Overcoming Overwhelm: Break Free From Burnout in 30 days

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Stop Telling yourself you can do it all and that everything is fine.

You’re a marketer, video editor, copy writer, course creator, designer, speaker, sales person, wifi troubleshooter, master of problem solving, service provider, contract writer, webpage builder, business owner, friend, daughter, wife, etc.

Anything I forgot?

That is a TON of hats to wear. Yes, it’s challenging to be an entrepreneur.

And to top it off…..

You’re a high achiever. That relentless drive to do more, create more, & work more has created success for you - and praise (How do you DO it ALL?!)

On the outside, everything looks great. You have a successful business, you’re involved in activities, and you have lots of significant people in your life. All is well.

Not so fast.

If you’re honest with yourself, you’re exhausted, on the verge of burning out, questioning how you can keep juggling everything, and just so freaking frustrated.

You’re telling yourself this is just HOW IT IS as a business owner - that there’s no other way.
You feel like you have to be everything, doing everything - or your business will fall apart.

Believe me, overwhelm DOES NOT have to be part of your business.

When you’re overwhelmed, exhausted, stressed, you can’t serve clients well, be present for your family, or just enjoy your life.

The honest truth: It’s going to get worse.

Charging through your to-do list, guzzling more caffeine, and pretending everything is okay, is NOT a sustainable strategy.

How’s it working so far?

Eh. Not so well.

Sure, you can go on like that for a little while - even a long while. But at what COST? Your health? Friendships? Relationships? Happiness? Eventually your business suffers too.

Is your success driving you into the ground?

You need SUSTAINABLE success.

Let’s get past the overwhelm, simply your business and life, and learn to prevent overwhelm from creeping into your life again (it’s like a bad rash….)

And while we’re at it, let’s build grit and fortitude to bounce back from setbacks - since we know ups and downs are part of business (and life).

If you’re feeling even the least bit overwhelmed, exhausted, or burned out, you NEED this.

Keep reading….

Introducing Overcoming Overwhelm: Break free from burnout in 30 days

A self-study program with individualized support that will teach you clear, repeatable strategies to STOP feeling overwhelmed, how to set boundaries without feeling like a jerk, how ruthlessly protect your time and energy, and how to develop an unshakable & resilient approach to the ups and downs in business.

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Success feels costly.

And as your business is starting to get some traction, you finally start to feel successful. But, you feel a pit in your stomach, thinking “I’m not sure I can go on like this for much longer.”

Overwhelm, exhaustion, and burnout was NOT part of your business dream. Can you keep up this pace or will you crash? Can you handle this success? Is it even worth it?

The freedom you were trying to create with your business can begin to feel like a prison.

Here’s what I need you to know: This pace is NOT sustainable. But, it doesn’t have to be.  

Imagine having a clear plan to STOP feeling overwhelmed, strategies to create confidence, a resilient approach to business and life, to set boundaries with yourself that you’ll respect, and to reinvigorate your drive and passion for your business.


Hi! I’m Alyssa!

I’ve been overwhelmed, exhausted, and burned out MANY times throughout my life. I thought I had no control over the amount of things on my to-do list and how I spent my time. I sacrificed myself OVER and OVER again without even realizing it. I didn’t set boundaries or respect the limits I set. I took on more and more projects, tasks, assignments, responsibilities - until I just hit my limit. Even when I was excited about what I was doing - I was still doing WAY TOO MUCH and pushing WAY TOO HARD.

I landed myself in the hospital - twice. And, I got mono in my mid-30s when I was working too hard running an outpatient department at a hospital.

What did it mean about me if I slowed down? Was I not as successful? Was I worth protecting my time and energy - because NO ONE else will do it for you.

I HAD to discover a way to crawl out of overwhelm and to figure out a way to create a successful business - that is SUSTAINABLE. And that allows me to enjoy my life. Life is very short. It’s meant to be enjoyed. It’s not meant to be spent chugging coffee, stressed out, and sending emails at midnight.

I want the calm, confident, balanced business growth that I had to DEMAND for myself to be a reality for you too.


Here’s what you’ll learn in Overcoming Overwhelm: Break Free From Burnout in 30 Days


Lesson 1: INTRODUCTION - Deconstrucing overwhelm

  • Learn about the trajectory of overwhelm - how it starts, how it feels, and how to put the brakes on crashing again

  • Learn about the energetic and concrete aspects of feeling overwhelmed

  • Why the heck it’s important to STOP the pattern of overwhelm for GOOD

Lesson 2: “Before the Ditch” - How you got to overwhelm

  • Evaluate how the heck you got to the point of overwhelm

  • Explore what clues you missed or ignored that let you know you were on the path to burning out

  • Reflect on your pattern of overwhelm - what contributes to this cycle for YOU

Lesson 3: The lowest point of overwHelm - “The ditch”

  • Clarify what overwhelm looks like for YOU

  • Explore the emotions, thoughts, physical sensations, and spiritual aspects of being overwhelmed

  • Dig deeper to identify if there is any benefit to staying overwhelmed and if it’s an ongoing pattern in your life

  • Create a clear plan to GET OUT of overwhelm and into a place of calm

Lesson 4: Climbing out of “the Ditch” - The action plan to STOP overwhelm

  • Learn how to set boundaries without feeling like a jerk

  • Learn how to REALLY prioritize your life and business - in a way you’ll stick to

  • Learn when to delegate, automate, and cut things in your biz

  • Learn how to balance the draining and energizing tasks of your week

  • Create a non-negotiable restorative behavior to create calm, peace, and resilience

Lesson 5: Creating sustainable strategies

  • Learn how to SIMPLIFY your business + life and how to stop making things harder than they need to be

  • Plan short and longer term goals that you’ll actually accomplish

  • Create a CLEAR, INDIVIDUALIZED strategy so you won’t slip into overwhelm again

  • Design + create the type of business you want so you can live the kind of life you want

Lesson 6: Building grit

  • Learn research backed strategies to promote optimism

  • Learn how to create rock solid resilience for the inevitable ups and downs in business

  • Create clear intentions to un-busy yourself + a plan to actually do it

  • Evaluate + change how you respond to challenges in your biz so they don’t derail you or stress you out

  • Stress management for the chaos of entrepreneurship

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 Here’s what’s included


SIX Core Video Trainings

As soon as you register, you’ll receive all six detailed video lessons, which are stored on a password protected membership site. The videos will walk you through everything you need to do to banish overwhelm for good.


supplementary content

You’ll receive a workbook with journaling prompts, questions to answer, and sentences to complete, so that you can apply the material to your life.

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 PLUS, you get Three BONUSES:

  1. Recorded meditation: that will walk you through a body scan to find any tension in your body and a gentle muscle relaxation to promote stress management.

  2. Changing the beliefs that keep you stuck: A video training to identify beliefs that are no longer serving you and how to shift into a positive mindset that will keep you from spiraling into overwhelm again. Behavior change doesn’t work as well when you don’t actually change the way you look at yourself, the world, and what’s possible for you. Your beliefs are the things that keep you STUCK in overwhelm. Once they change - and change for good, you can finally put the brakes on continuing to slip back into overwhelm and burnout.

  3. Busy-ness Detox Challenge: Access to the in-depth video training on how to detox from being overly busy, overly scheduled, and unfulfilled. Check out ALL 21 days of the training in one place. This video training challenges you to ask yourself specific questions before saying YES to ANYTHING, to unravel the deeper reasons behind why you’re so busy, quick strategies to identify “good busy” vs. “bad busy,” how to detox your calendar, decide what the heck you really need for your mind, body, soul, unique ways to manage stress, how to set clear boundaries + stop people pleasing, and so much more!

You’re in your business for the long haul. So stop sprinting a marathon.

That changes now.

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 Working with Alyssa has opened my heart to myself. Her gentle guidance and empathic coaching style taught me that I am in control of my energy. I have finally given myself permission to create and implement healthy boundaries with love and strength.

— Tara J., Georgia

Alyssa is one of those rare individuals who possesses talent, authenticity, analytics, and intuition combined. Having known Alyssa nearly a decade as both a colleague and dear friend, I don't believe there is a problem she can't solve. Her warmth and sense of humor are infectious and her wisdom is beyond her years. She is a true joy to work with and utterly dedicated to both her clients and her craft. She will inspire and guide you to be the best version of yourself and you'll have a blast along the way!

-- Caryn S., Pennsylvania

 You want to build a business while enjoying your life - simple, right?

But, we keep ourselves stuck in overwhelm and exhaustion and this pattern gets hard to break without DECIDING to break it.

Decide that you’re DONE feeling overwhelmed.

Ready? Let’s get started.

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