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High Praise


Working with Alyssa has opened my heart to myself. Her gentle guidance and empathic coaching style taught me that I am in control of my energy. I have finally given myself permission to create and implement healthy boundaries with love and strength.

— Tara J., Georgia

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I've had the pleasure of working with Alyssa and she's a gem! I felt a connection with her right away! She's truly caring, open-minded, smart + talented. She's also very intuitive + has a unique connection to spirit + loves assisting others to connect more deeply with their intuition + inner guidance, so they can use them to create thriving, healthy relationships!

-- The Boulder Psychic, Rachel Claire

I was in therapy before and although it was useful, I didn’t find it truly transformative. When working with Alyssa, even from the initial session, she helped me to see the strengths in my character and how to apply them to my career. She also helped me pinpoint my true desires and what I can do to make them work for me in the professional world. Through her questions, I was able to understand what I wanted in an existing relationship and my responsibility in it. I truly feel that I’m changing as a professional woman, as well as a woman in a relationship with a man. This was achieved in just a couple of months of working with Alyssa. Her style is supportive, thought-provoking and results-driven. Thank you for the help. I’m very glad that I signed up for the coaching and I look forward to more sessions. 

— Alona P, New York, NY


Alyssa is one of those rare individuals who possesses talent, authenticity, analytics, and intuition combined. Having known Alyssa nearly a decade as both a colleague and dear friend, I don't believe there is a problem she can't solve. Her warmth and sense of humor are infectious and her wisdom is beyond her years. She is a true joy to work with and utterly dedicated to both her clients and her craft. She will inspire and guide you to be the best version of yourself and you'll have a blast along the way!

-- Caryn Seebach, PsyD, Health Psychologist

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I needed help reframing my thoughts and approach to dating.  Being low in empathy I needed someone who could offer a different perspective in a way that I could understand and incorporate into my thought process.  Alyssa has been just that - she's provided insightful feedback that's been easy to understand and put into practice.  

— Jason K, Maryland