Self-Study Programs

Health Mindset Reset

In this program, you'll listen to a new audio recording each day for 10 days (with 2 bonus days!) and complete the journaling exercise after listening to the audio recording. When journaling, try NOT to censor your initial reactions - emotions or thoughts - just start writing the first thing that comes to you after reading the prompt. Write whatever you're feeling or thinking - don't worry about complete sentences! Just write words or phrases as they come to you. This is an important part of the exercise - I want to make sure that your reactions to the prompt are AUTHENTIC.  Sometimes you may not have immediate reactions to the prompt - it may be something that you haven't thought about before - that's fine! Take some time to sit and think about the audio recording and the prompt, and write down whatever comes up for you!



So many of us struggle with a negative, evaluative voice in our head that comments on what we’re saying or doing. Have you ever walked away from a conversation to evaluate what you said and did for the next hour? That internal monologue that critiques your every move can be managed. Want to learn how to change negative self-talk? How to identify and change patterns of thinking that affect our mood, mindset, and health? Enroll now to discover strategies to quickly and easily change the tone of the commentary in your mind to feel more positive, to be in control of your thoughts, and to feel more confident.